CHA 2017 Marathon

The Runners’ Creed DECEMBER 29, 2014 BY GLEN HUSBY We are called The Roadrunners. The way we fly is to hit the ground running. If you would like to join us you can “pave” the following ways: 1. Show up. You are always invited …. 2. Run with me. Run for yourself. Run for those […]

Synchronicity with Sunny’s Sunken City

Counting the redbuds budding early. Prodigies with bright fates. It starts at the crisp edges, a broken vice, replaced with better  habits and habitats. Make me want to gather more stats. Where did the time go, divided by data I had counted on Multiplied convolution- seemingly solutions. They were visionary colors faded emerald and cinnabar to […]

Artists’ Secret Treasure Trove… Free Range Moments

Being a scenic photographer involves companionship with nature. Often my days consist of standing quiet as a mouse, still as a house, to freeze a frame. It is a world of my own. Discoverer, archeologist, painter– it is amazing. ¡Sobrecogedoras! Imagination and success are closely tied in actualization. Past panes and frames displayed, are the treasures only shared in […]


Conquering breath, We are the first seconds to ever go forth, in a dual of procrastinators we were born To only question a guess Following the grain as we pray Eye chose how to pronounce all the letters.