Synchronicity with Sunny’s Sunken City

Counting the redbuds budding early. Prodigies with bright fates.


It starts at the crisp edges, a broken vice, replaced with better 

habits and habitats. Make me want to gather more stats.

Where did the time go, divided by data I had counted on


Multiplied convolution- seemingly solutions. They were

visionary colors faded emerald and cinnabar to earthen brown.

Poppa said, green is the color of focus

Red makes the heart beat faster

Brown is both

together. Bare as ground Earth.

Such soothsayers works work much more subtle. Subtly,


I held too tightly and for far too long when

Shapes shifted. A memory of a memo tells me to remember




Spring spins me

into her memories of


My vibrant repose.dsc_0093dsc_0094dsc_0095dsc_0096dsc_0099dsc_0100Version 2dsc_0101dsc_0102dsc_0105dsc_0113dsc_0120dsc_0123dsc_0124dsc_0125dsc_0126dsc_0127dsc_0129dsc_0130

ambiguity, anonymity, relatable, accessibility. dsc_0132dsc_0147dsc_0148dsc_0157

the first leaf of autumn

his last token of good advice.


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