Widdershins is the New Carpé Diem

Here Ouse, slow winding through a Eastward path
Just undulating upon
the list’ning ear,
Groves, heaths, and
chimney smoked villages remote.
Scenes must be beautiful
which daily view’d
and remember all thanks daily
they’d said daily,
and whose novelty live well
Thrive most only there,
Yet in tiniest of cities left
of cities that are and are not
tinier than yours
gain- many minds
Begetting likenesses
By frequent triumph there
Beyond th’ the arts,
In which they flourish most:
Of warm encouragement, and in the sinistrocerebral eye
Of public note, they reach the
faraway places
Nature is lucid
Dreaming is
Where can we all
See our reflection?
The sleeping leaves,
have all the light they wish,
Birds warbling all music.
Hand and Eye are sinister satellites.

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